Field Notes: admin locked out of an FreeIPA/IDM server

If you ever have mornings where the coffee isn’t strong enough and your memory is still covered in more fog then the Golden Gate Bridge you should probably not work on important things.

If you do and you find you put in the wrong password for admin multiple times, you may find that you lock out the admin user.

But don’t worry, this is why we have replicants!

Quickly ssh over to one of the replicants, gain admin access (make sure you know the right password this time!) and then unlock the admin account using the following command:

# ipa user-unlock admin

Best of Luck!


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Hi! Its been a while since we last talked…

In fact it has been over a year since my last post.

You wouldn’t guess that by looking at my draft section for the website.

Things have been pretty busy in my life
and I hope that soon they will kinda settle down.

In the mean time I plan on doing some
more posts and hope you will stick
around to read them.

- Me

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I’ve Been Selected!

Not to long ago I submitted a topic for the 2012 Utah Open Source Conference. The other day I found out that not only has my paper been selected; it was popular enough to be scheduled twice!
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ejabberd and SSL certs

Recently I managed to take a couple hours and finish the epic struggle of setting up an XMPP server.
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The greener drinking fountain

Today is St. Patrick’s day and I am leaving Chicago without seeing the river or parade. Sad, I know.

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