*SQUEEE* New WindowMaker.org TOMORROW! *SQUEEE*

Posted by Mike on 2011.08.19

There aren’t that many things that actually get me terribly excited in the tech realm. There are some really impressive things and things that I think are absolutely cool (note that impressive is not necessarily cool. Building out a kerberos domain for 50 thousand people is impressive. Not necessarily cool to me), but there are very few that will actually make me so excited as to hit the “squeee” note.

WindowMaker is one of the few.

I have been using WindowMaker off and on since the 90′s (No I won’t go back and figure out exactly when. It was around ’96/’97 if you really want to know.) and while I have frequently strayed (Oh BeOS, I mean Haiku, your pretty squeee worthy too…) I usually return to WindowMaker.

SO why the excitement?

WindowMaker unfortunately seems to suffer from the occasional drought of activity and a new website is a good indicator that the authors have found time once again. This makes me incredibly happy. I love the clean layout of the design and the functionality that it has is something that, even with the new GNOME3 goodness, is incredibly effective.

Screen Shot of WindowMaker on Fedora13

The current Desktop

So tomorrow I get to find out what’s new and cool at windowmaker.org and so do you!

I might not sleep tonight!

- Mike


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