Todays Special: IPv6, BIND10 and cooking the GoOSe.

Posted by Mike on 2011.09.1

Oh the busy, busy times are here!

I always seem to keep busy, yes I know it never seems that way but I in fact keep pretty busy. Currently some of the things that keep me busy at home are:

  1. Dog
    • Not only can the dog be a hoot, but a pest too! Of course it is a good thing when he comes and forcefully reminds me that he needs to go out. Forcefully reminding me to take a break can be good. Not sold on dragging me out for a milk bone though…
  2. GoOSe Linux
    • GoOSe Linux is a project to rebuild a “major upstream” provider that is going fairly well. The process has been on going since May or June of this year and we have been making some good progress.
  3. IPv6
    • IPv4 is gone… sort of… Any ways it is clearly going to be the wave of the future to use IPv6, not like BetaMax was the wave of the home video future either! I am at the point of actually working on rolling it out at home. Why? Fun and profit man! When clients go “Oh and can you talk about transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6?”, there is at least some demand. I suspect it is going to only increase. Transitions are only beginning.
  4. Studying
    • Trying to learn more and more and more and more… Oh and more and more and more…

- Mike


IPv6 Site:
Hurricane Electric, IPv6 Tunnel Broker:

The GoOSe Linux project:

The Utah Humane Society:
Salt Lake County Animal Shelter:
Murray City Animal Shelter:
No More Homeless Pets:

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