Preparing a remote GoOSe presention

Posted by Mike on 2011.11.27

Not to long ago I was contacted by a “local” Linux User Group, specifically the Provo Linux User Group (PLUG), to put together a presentation on the GoOSe project.

Unfortunately it appears more and more that I, and most of the GoOSe project people in Utah, won’t be able to attend. In scratching our heads over the process we think we have an interesting plan: We are thinking about setting up a virtual presentation.

So we have been looking around at various solutions. We haven’t presented this option to the user group yet but if this works then we might keep this method in our back pocket for future presentation. It could be a very useful thing, we might be able to repeat this for other user groups around the country or even world.

So far we have looked at Google+ hangouts. I think there might be some better solutions out there at the moment though.

To make this work the presentation tool should allow the presenters to provide visual and audio data. It should also allow for the presentation of the slides and ideally a few real life examples of doing things like submitting packages for repos and submitting packages to the GoOSe koji server(s).

The presentation solution should allow the use of Linux systems (Yeah, we all probably run Linux as our primary operating system) and work over relatively low bandwidth, since most of the time presenters may be using a congested hotel wifi service.

I find this to be an intriguing and potentially useful project.

Hopefully we will find a good solution soon!

- Mike

Useful websites: — Google+ Hangout

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