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Travelouge for a Shiny Distracted Techie
July 21, 2011


I spend a lot of time travelling through airports and I am often times thankful that my home port, SLC, is what the one I start and end at. Oh sure there is the usual hassle for security screening but there are several advantages to it as well.

1) The parking is pretty plentiful

2) The concourses are all connected in a walkable fashion inside the secured portion of the airport. There is nothing more annoying then having to go through security simply because you want to make your connection and it is on a different concourse.

3) There is a USPS and FedEx drop box between concourses C and D and a credit union by the security checkpoint on C.

4) There is a Squatters Pub and Millcreek Coffee. :-)

5) There are smoking lounges in the airport. I think it is good hospitality to provide an appropriate place for smokers to enjoy a puff without having to race in and out of security.

6) There is free WiFi and powered desks.

7) There is a “secret” entrance, TSA secured, that is virtually unknown.

Just a few reasons why SLC Airport is awesome.


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